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New options

Do you need relaxation, because you are really tired because of continual communication with other people? We know that it is sometimes really difficult to change something, because the only one solution is in relaxation and rest. Don t forget for your person, for your mind and remove your stress from body, because it is absolutely necessary.

You can avail our services:
·        great massagesfrom the most beautiful girls
·        food and drink service
·        nice aromatic bath or shower
·        relaxation music
·        choose your girl, who will take care about you
·        choose length of your procedure
·        you visit is like top secret
You can avail also our other services, like for example TOP sensual massage or nuru procedure, where you can enjoy massage body to body, which will be really nice. It can bring you special feelings that you cannot forget in future.

Nuru massageoffers you special type body to body that you can enjoy under the girl s body. She will massage you by all her naked body with help of gel made of sea-grass. You never tried anything similar, trust us. You can tell her everything about your dreams and taste, because she can help you with all your wishes. But there is still only one thing that you cannot get – sexual act with her.

Special way to your satisfaction

You should not play only football or squash, because there are lots of other forms of entertainment that you can avail like relaxation. We will take care about you and we are absolutely sure that you can enjoy our services, because we have something original and new. You can visit our points in all republic, because we don´t have salon only in Prague, but also in all bigger cities in republic.

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